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meet carol
Photo of Carol Russell
Carol Russell riding a tractor on her farm.
Carol Russell, Emily Murphy, and others walking down a path at Carol's farm.
Nurse • Lawyer • Farmer • Business Owner

"I have spent my entire adult life solving problems and being an advocate.  I will use those skills to unite our communities and resolve our  issues in a manner that gives everyone a voice regardless of what town, village or hamlet you live in."

My family moved to western Suffolk County when I was an infant. I am the youngest of three daughters. My father was a plumber and my mother a stay at home Mom, who returned to work as a secretary as I got older. I have lived in the Coram area for more than 30 years. My husband and I live on the small farm that he was born and raised on.​

Hard work was instilled in me as was the idea that if you work hard enough you can achieve success. After graduating SUNY Binghamton with a BSN, I became a critical care nurse.


When I saw a need for quality legal representation of health care providers, during the early days of the medical malpractice crisis, I entered Georgia State College of Law. I worked full time as a critical care nurse while also attending law school. I represented Nurses, Physicians, Hospitals and all Health Care providers for nearly 30 years.  As a woman and a litigator, I've faced many uphill battles both inside and outside the courtroom.  

After retiring from law, I set out to help empower women by volunteering as a mentor at Brookhaven Dress For Success.  I have mentored women who are re-entering the workforce after raising children, women just starting out in the workforce and women who are victims of Domestic Violence.


I have also volunteered as a coach for the Longwood High School Mock Trial Team. My children and my  husband are proud Longwood Graduates. This gives me the opportunity to give back to the Longwood community.


I have been active in my small church for many years and have held various leadership roles. For the past several years, I have been the finance chair.

I have become an active member in our small flower growing business. As a small business owner, I know what it takes to roll up your sleeves and get the job done, whether that's manual farm labor or handling the payroll!

I believe in our community and I believe that I have the experience and skills to make a positive change in Brookhaven. Too many of our neighbors and residents feel like they have no voice in their local government. I will be their voice!

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