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Landfill closure

When the landfill  is full, we will need a plan to close it safely, repurpose the facility, clean up the community, initiate an effective recycling program with a goal of zero waste AND fill the huge budget deficit that will  occur when nearly 50% of the Towns' revenue disappears. Right now, there is no plan. We can not wait any longer or we all pay the price!

housing & affordability

Long Island in general, but especially the Town of Brookhaven, has become too expensive for our young adults, seniors and working families. We need a locally based housing strategy that gives our young people a studio or one bedroom unit  to start their work lives and families,  modest sized housing for our young couples and families to grow in and smaller one story units for our seniors to downsize  and stay in the community. Redevelopment of our blighted areas with different types and sizes of housing units as well as multipurpose commercial units will help revitalize our town and strengthen our main streets while preserving our suburban lifestyle.


We need to partner with the County and State to protect our most valuable community assets from our shorelines and beaches to our open spaces and aquifer.  Every single resident needs safe drinking water.


Our Local Elected Officials and our Local Government agencies should look like and have similar life experiences as our residents.

We must strive to create that balance.

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